An American born boy grew up in Greece and while still in high school he joined a resistance organization during the German occupation. Avoiding capture by the Gestapo, he was evacuated to Egypt.

In Cairo, he was recruited by the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) and received six months of spy training. Transformed into an adept and skillful spy, he was sent on a dangerous mission back to Greece, and his messages on German troop movements to OSS HQ in Cairo inflicted great losses to the enemy.

The peculiar methods utilized to transform him into a spy are described in detail. Also, the many hair-raising cloak-and-dagger experiences of actual confrontations with the Gestapo and the skillful ways used to avoid capture make this book a very interesting reading and one of its kind.

Helias Doundoulakis was only eighteen when Hitlerís elite paratroopers invaded Crete in 1941. American born, he moved to Crete at the age of two. During WWII, he was a resistance fighter, evaded Gestapoís capture, and escaped to Egypt where he joined the OSS, was trained as a spy and sent undercover to Salonica, Greece.

After the war, he became a prominent civil engineer and inventor, who holds the patent for the largest radiotelescope in the world in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. He has worked on leading designs for the Lunar Module, and his signature is included on two plaques left on the moon by Apollo 11 and 12.

He is the author of two books published in Greek.

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