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Recent Events
WWII O.S.S. Soldiers Honored in Astoria, Queens, NY, for Service Behind the Lines in Nazi-Occupied Greece, Italy, and Yugoslavia.

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About the Book
An American-born boy grew up in a small village on the Greek island of Crete. In his last year in high school,...

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• Introduction into the group of the OSS training spy school Cairo Egypt , October 1943

It was the first day, a mostly hot day in October 1943. An introduction to this peculiar form of war, “spy” training, if you will, in the Secret Intelligence and Special Operations section of the.....

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"...Doundoulakis is able to evoke the suspense and thrilling detail of his many narrow escapes and also convey his youthful sense of excitement and adventure. His intimate rendering of the adversity Greek civilians faced during the war is particularly moving....

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Upcoming Events

April 18th, Greek Independence Day Parade on 5th avenue in NYC »
marching with fellow WWII veterans.  see http://www.paradeonfifth.org/

Thursday, September 3»
Hour Radio Interview with Cynthia Brian in her "StarStyle-Be the Star You Are", World Talk Radio, 6-7 PM EST.

Thursday, May 14 »
Tune into the radio program, Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are! with host Cynthia Brian, on Thursday, May 14 from 3-4pm PST where Mr. Doundoulakis, an American soldier, will be interviewed live about his involvement with the OSS during WWII and his book I Was Trained to Be a Spy. You can listen from your computer by going to

May 28th, with TD Mischke, Minneapolis, MN »